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The growth of Upper Iowa University is greatly supported by generous donors and alumni who value and cherish this great institution. The Class Gift initiative was developed as a way to encourage students to embrace a philanthropic spirit and begin leaving their legacy upon graduation. The UIU Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) is proud to lead this effort.

We are proud to announce this year’s 2023 Class Gift campaign.

We extend a huge thank you to each of the donors who have made a contribution and inspired others to give. This initiative was developed as a way to encourage students to embrace a philanthropic spirit and support their alma mater.

In recognition of a Class Gift graduates received a UIU Philanthropy Cord worn during Commencement Ceremonies.

Gifts will be directed to the UIU Reunion Endowment Fund, which supports alumni gatherings such as Homecoming, class reunions, and other Peacock social activities.

Big thanks to these 2022 generous student supporters!

Lori Albrecht
Michelle Allen
Jaime Anton
Conner Ariss
Tracy Arpy
Daniel Balk
Monique Barksdale
Cassidy Bendickson
Melanie Bergman
Denise Blacher
Ashley Boult
Keitha Bradley
Dennis Brandenburg
Cindy Bromeland
Kelly Bunge
Tylen Burrow
Bart Butemeyer
Lane Canny
Laldin Chalthleng
Joshua Chambers
Kylee Champlin
Pang Yong Chang
Melissa Christopherson
Samantha Clarke
Glennis Coleman
Jonathon Conkling
Jan Deshane Cruz
Kyrsten Daniels
Grant Dieken
Kirstie Dircks
Kimberly Dixon
Jessica Dow
Jacob Drumm
Kathi Duenas
Dwayne Emsweller
Seth Elledge
Brooke Evenson
Ela Fazlic
Adela Fetic
Shaylen Fliehler
Rebecca Francis
Patrick Franzen
Kaylee Frenette
Nicole Gilliam
Nicholena Gilson
Elizabeth Goddard
Jessica Gonzalez
Tina Halverson
Bobby Hamilton
Stephanie Hamilton
Kylie Hare
Jamie Hoey
Joyce Hommerding
Nicole Horejsi
Jake Hurley
Sawyer Huss
Aminata Jeng
Antonita Johnson
Kenyata Johnson
Nicole Johnson
Zandra Johnson
Marcus Jones
Seygoun Kaba
Meghan Klein
Kiersten Koch
Amber Lang
Mai Choua Lee
Kaden Ludwig
Kalissa Malin
Anastasia Malone
Tianay Marshall
Alan Martinez
Julia Moran
Ryan McClurg
Svetlana McCurry
Andre Meyers
Kaitlin Mohlis
Jeremy Nathan
Angelique Ortiz
Zachary O’Shasky
Gabrielle Palomo
Tiffany Parker
Andrew Paskey
Kourtney Pleggenkuhle
Kimberly Pugh
Haley Ramberg
Nathan Rausch
Nicole Riha
Eric Ring
Jasmine Robinson
Anthony Rome
Sarah Rosauer
Bonnie Ruby
Alexa Salgado
Eddie Sanchez
Keith Sandberg
Tyerees Sanders
Tony Scaglione
Logan Schweinefus
Chelsea Scott
Abbey Sikkema
Kevin Simmons
Deb Speas
Emrah Suljanovic
Madalyn Switzer
Jenice Tucker
Robert Turner
Ashley Uhlenhopp
Kaitlyn Vannais
David Vezele
Sabrina Voss
Samantha Watsabaugh
Nathan Webb
Madison Werning
Credence White
Jacob Wilhite
Shyle Woods
Ryan Yeggy
Lindsay Zenner