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uiuLearn Faculty Tutorials & Resources

This page contains tutorials to help faculty develop uiuLearn skills to create a variety of online course activities that can enhance students’ learning experience. You will also find information on UIU Library resources and educational technologies, such as McGraw Hill, Pearson, Panopto, Zoom, and Turnitin. If you don’t find what you are looking for, additional support and resources are available at the end of the page.

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Important Update ( Revised on 11/30/2022)

uiuLearn Beginners

Logging in to uiuLearn

uiuLearn Platform Browser Requirement 

uiuLearn 101: The Basics for Faculty

This video tutorial covers:

  • Logging in to uiuLearn
  • uiuLearn layout and basic navigation
  • Attendance Tool

Related uiuLearn 101 Basic Training:

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uiuLearn Tutorials and Resources








  • Checklists: Video by D2L. Help learners deconstruct a large assignment into smaller tasks using a checklist. This tutorial shows how to create a checklist to help learners stay on track and complete an assignment.
  • Create a Checklist


  • Classlist Tool: Video by D2L. This tutorial shows how to use the Classlist to email or send instant messages to learners. Reach out to learners directly to discuss their progress through course materials and assignments.

Class Progress

  • Class Progress Tool: Video by D2L. Customize Class Progress to make it easier to track and compare the performance of learners in your course. This tutorial shows how to customize Class Progress to display indicators relevant to your course.
  • Class Progress Report: Video by D2L – Customize the User Progress report to easily track users’ performance. This tutorial shows how to customize the User Progress report to meet your needs.

Communication Tools


Course Banner



  • Class Engagement Data in uiuLearn: Step-by-step engagement high-level overview that will help instructors quickly identify at-risk students based on engagement data. This tutorial covers the Class Engagement Tool, Class Progress, and the Insights Engagement Dashboard.
  • uiuLearn Engagement: UIU video step-by-step engagement high-level overview that will help instructors quickly identify at-risk students based on engagement data. This tutorial covers the Class Engagement Tool, Class Progress, and the Insights Engagement Dashboard.
  • Intelligent Agents: PDF step-by-step that shows instructors how to set up basic Intelligent Agents that can send alerts when something happens or doesn’t happen (e.g., the student doesn’t access an online course for 7 days) in uiuLearn.

General Education Assessment


Library Resources

McGraw Hill Connect


MS Teams in uiuLearn

Office 365 (O365)

  • O365 Widget: The Office 365 widget on the uiuLearn global homepage and most course homepages enable quick access to UIU email, Outlook calendars, and OneDrive where there is generous 1 TB storage and access from any computer, as well as easy file sharing.

Simple Syllabus



ProctorU-Exam Preparations-Student Guide


  • Quizzes: This tutorial covers:
    • Question Library: organization strategies, setup, importing questions
    • Quizzes: question types, Quiz setup, gradebook associations, answer views, statistics, quiz security features
    • Quiz best practices: labels, previews, accessibility
  • Bonus Quiz Questions: Video by D2L. This tutorial shows you how to create bonus questions so the final score of a quiz can exceed the maximum points of the quiz, and how to designate a quiz question as a bonus question.
  • Importing Questions to Crete a New Quiz: Video by D2L. Import questions from a CSV or zip file to quickly set up a new quiz.
  • How to Use a Panopto Quiz as a Graded Activity in the uiuLearn D2L Brightspace Environment: This documentation will go over the steps to assign a Panopto quiz as an activity in a D2L course and have the grades get automatically reported to the uiuLearn gradebook.
  • Quiz Question Converter: Are you looking for a way to add a bank of questions to the Quiz Question Library? Look no further than this handy Quiz Question Converter- now available through the Brightspace Community on the Learning Center!
  • Quiz Statistics: This clickable PDF tutorial shows you how data captured in uiuLearn Quizzes can help you not only see how well students are learning the subject you are teaching, but data can also help you identify potentially bad questions or topics that may require further study or change in course materials. Related resources on quizzes and competencies, learning objectives, and reports.
  • Quiz Reports: This D2L Brightspace video shows you how to create a Quiz Report that can be automatically sent to a specific audience (e.g., Instructors) on a specific date.
  • Create a Quiz
  • Create Grade Items for Quizzes
  • Enable Quiz Feedback and Show Instant Results to Students (Video)
  • Submit a “Stuck” Quiz on Student’s Behalf (Video)

Session Checklist


  • Turnitin training – Hour video of a live training session with Turnitin SME Chris Vescovi. The presentation covers Originality Check Overview, Grademark, Support Resources, and Best Practices.
  • Turnitin Instructor Guides
  • Interpreting Similarity Reports – Guide | Video | Spectrum

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Online Learning  Support and Resources

D2L (uiuLearn) Brightspace

Upper Iowa University Information Technology Resources


Zoom Support Hours are 24/7, including public holidays. Agents or technical engineers are available for web, chat, and phone support.



McGraw Hill




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